Cognitive ORE™



Cognitive ORE™ is currently in ALPHA. A private Beta is taking place right now with a random audience.

We're asking most of them one thing - is there another way to think about your own data?

Two interest areas emerged over roughly 500 discussions on this topic. A general digital-asset sales pipeline will live shortly. Also, as a mechanism, we're integrating an API/CLI tool in in two releases. The environment has to be stable first with basic features before doing the final integration.

Keep you posted

Major Releases

Version Date Overview
v.1.0.02/24/2020Announced soon...

Past Releases

Version Date Overview
v.0.0.902/06/20201.) Fixed most formatting inconsistencies between the Web and CLI tool.

2.) Fixed HTML styling issues to adhere to a unified format

3.) Added special list zones according to experimental format.
v.0.0.812/06/20191.) The content pipeline was redesigned and now focuses on a custom format instead of using the standard CDN approach. VCNKEY™ has been removed entirely in favor of the CORE.HOST™ model (Patent Pending).
v.0.0.711/05/20191.) ECommerce activities were reengineered according to a small format shift and we've removed an emphasis on payments here - this is still an Alpha format and there were other more important format related questions to answer first during early trials. The platform will not be allowing for sales of entities until 01/01/2020, but the sales format has been expanded significantly to comply with the current laws and not burden anyone with Tax penalties - this site is going to be fun, not a burden.

2.) We're doubling the allowed/verified links inside of Cognitive ORE™ - there are now roughly 20,000.

3.) The ALPHA phase of the build out has been completed. The Beta site will be making some page/grouping/flow changes, although just minor adjustments, plus merging what's already built. We unbunded the CLI tool into another product, that now works with this site and other sites too.
v.0.0.6210/18/20191.) In order to prove out the concept, we're eliminating our affiliations with all the current major social networks. That means our executives have deleted their profiles on each network as well and are working to replace their utility value through a new type of "delivery" service. This site will be more or less the same representation of self that all of them provide collectively, but it will be fully accessible down to the "entity" or "unit" level for each user. There will be no hidden features or malicious logging/siloing here. These features are live now in the beta and there aren't any bugs so we may push them live next month too.
v.0.0.6110/16/20191.) The Calendar page will be eliminated on 11/01.

2.) Payment features were abandoned and we built out our own early-version there instead.
v.0.0.610/08/20191.) Automatic admin features are now live.

2.) Based off of feedback, we've deployed a cdn. It can be found here VCNKEY™ CDN.

3.) Mobile html enhancements are now live, decreasing net delivery size of the site by 44%.

4.) Public posting features are now live. If you have a username, you have your own publishing portal and ad network to make money from - congrats.

v.0.0.5110/06/20191.) Original Vector Logo ("ALPHA LOGO") has been created. This will be rebuilt during each development phase.

A.) Pre-Alpha ("Inception Logo")
B.) Alpha ("ALPHA LOGO")
C.) Beta ("BETA LOGO")
D.) Official ("OFFICIAL LOGO")

2.) All "RECORD" pages now conform to the mobile standard. It looks like nothing updated before on nested pages due to a recursion/loop issue. Now, this is fixed.
v.0.0.510/01/20191.) The command line program and web API now match as needed to integrate here. This will happen soon - maybe next week, but they had to sync properly first. A few wording issues came up and some of the classes were renamed too. Testing will be taking place this week. We're looking to meet up with a few people in SF this month to let you try the software out and make some comments on use - it'll require about 2 minutes of training.

2.) Mostly all pages are now mobile friendly. Improvements will be made gradually there but this isn't mean to run with the same look/feel as many other SAAS companies. This is entirely custom.

3.) Command Line Interface backend will now work as intended with creating and editing the multi-party trust model presented in the client focused code.

4.) All the "thought experiments" were concluded and things like pricing, features, community, form, design, and development were set in stone and are being built into the beta. We slimmed things down to a format that gives us the best possible chance of addressing the needs of each segment with one universal product.
Pre-.0.0.5(2)09/29/20191.) Fixed the syncing problem on external websites where Download links were still displaying the pre-revised format. All links should now be updated with the new record formats correctly pointing to cognitiveore.com/RECORD_LOCATION. This was the result of a blocked port, and it's been fixed. Also, in the external Alpha builders we have out, many of them have a height attribute missing from photos if your screen is over 21 inches. It makes the pictures look horible and it's been fixed, but not rolled out yet. I wasn't aware of this because of the small screen being used during development. To prevent this from happening, New Entity Operations™ built an automated testing tool for media sizes that can be run automatically in the command line utilizing the stock python testing framework.This will be implemented on external sites that upgrade to v.0.0.5.

2.) All of the prototype builders will be taken out of production by 11/01 and replaced with the beta version, offering an upgrade in almost every aspect of controlling the site in production. Many organization/structuring fixes were implemented too, because there is now a need for uniform design without randomness. Most of the build from here on out will follow the same pattern of purpose. Any random directories on the original site that didn't fit form were removed or reengineered to fit into the visual/model structure chosen for new versions.
Pre-.0.0.5(1)09/29/20191.) The Alpha Mobile-site is now live.
Pre-.0.0.509/28/20191.) All indexes have been adjusted for mobile pre-0.0.5, scheduled for Tuesday 10/01. Also, fixed an issue where tables were building out with only th instead of td. Fixed now and should improve machine-readability.

2.) Our site will undergoe a security autit next week from an outide party to verify things are good to go before we open up invites to the public. Before that happens, some database specific stuff needs to be reworked. We're talking about completely removing databases from this system entirely and instead building out in secure text driven storage formats that we've designed for this purpose.
v.0.0.499909/26/20191.) Continuing to narrow the focus of each page to meet core readability standards.

2.) Set up an initial outbound and private-linking mechanism and imported over 9,000 high quality websites in various segments. We also have an additional 942,000 links to populate into our system shortly.

3.) Established office at 555 California to better meet customer needs and get more creators involved by years end.
v.0.0.499409/24/20191.) The feedback system seemed stupid to 3/5 people that I asked so the feature was redeployed for registered users only. There isn't a need right now to get general feedback, but at least we'll have that built for when we put it on the public portal - we agreed that there shouldn't be a public facing support system in alpha. We'll rethink that next release again.
v.0.0.499109/24/20191.) Adjusted the TERMS to make them more readable and sensible because they were framed out on the fly after reading some recommendation documents. These will get "lawyered" and be certfied as correct shortly, before the general release. For now, think of that page as being valid but also a work in progress subject to change.
v.0.0.49909/24/20191.) edited the site editorial content to correct spelling and other format errors. We'll push the updated and edited editorial text with the 10/01 release.
v.0.0.49809/22/20191.) Bug fixed: All .entity files are now properly scoped to a .ds reletionship in the system.

2.) The format for scoping .ds and .entity files had to be changed to minimize server endpoint load during testing. The structure now properly branches processes into silos that don't interfer with each other.

3.) EntityScript™ will be defined publicaly soon too, as the overview of this meta-structure was recently finalized. You can see a contact list related .entity file here.
3.) We are filing a patent on some things there on the backend, so we will unfortunately have to delay two features until the preliminary is filed next month. We will instead implement a generally available and socially aware feature instead - messaging, but with a small twist, each message costs bronze C.ORE™ - this happens seemlessly in the background. If you subscribe - you get an amount equal to 250,000 messages a day - hopefully you don't have to send more, but if you do - we have a way to do that too. That will be live by next Monday. If you have had an Account over the past week but can't log in now, it's because we're testing database wipes and wipe protection now. Also, we're about to upgrade from local storage to offsite postgres so some changes will gradually be happening there too to accomocate the coming integrations. These may take until 10/01 to work out fully. You'll be able to log in again then and will still have Cognitive ORE™. If you want to hotlink the entity ledger, we'll set one up soon. For now, you can reach that here Ledger

4.) We have a custom url shortener and format coming this week called core.host. Basically, there will be no more www in our system or anywhere really if we don't want it. This will be considered a legacy protocol at the beginning of 2022, but until then, we will support it.
v.0.0.497309/22/20191.) Relinked the documentation and index, but they're now under different tree structures. The index has been renamed to "masterindex" and the general ledger has been renamed to "masterledger". There is a bug serving the .entity file itself right now, most likely on the server side because we just switched into production environments and are working kinks out. I'm almost positive it is a pathway issue because this servers running debian and not New Entity Linux. It'll be debugged by the afternoon and the site should be serving static .entity files as intended then.

2.) Reestablished the masterledger in a non-static, automated fashion, now living inside of a model. Restructured the SLUG url schema to include additional vectors such as processing a pre-compile flag on a 3D asset. The format should be set at this time and will not change afterwards.
v.0.0.49609/21/20191.) Implemented the "Human" republisher format for all vcnkey profiles. This is a minimal and voluntary information disclosure. Also, we added three additional internal admin tiers, so we have had to test the framework with adjustments. Not an issue and we're working on making one of those admin levels have "customer" access - which would put them with all dev features enabled. Debugging a quick keyword/class error right now there, but that should be debugged and live by later tonight.
v.0.0.49509/21/20191.) Began implementing the baseline-format to linker structure. This allows a .entity file to "digest" a .ds file - This process is a core piece of our sharing features that will be live next year.

2.) You'll now be able to access CognitiveOre.com from shortlinks. We'll be rolling out our own url shortener next week too. This will be driven by an .entity description.
v.0.0.49309/19/2019Major Environment release.

1.) All code has been reengineerd to fit the V2GM standard - basically, PCI Compliant among other attributes.

2.) Servers have been upgraded to Azure fault tolernt instances that can be enabled as needed.

3.) Backup server schema of last resort established on two other clouds.

4.) User portal implemented.

5.) C.ORE™ blueprints are established and storage mechanisms have been established - basically, all I/O and a->b stuff is figured out. Now we just build into system on top of those relationships.5.) Endpoints are now active. The Authority mode and "Gatekeeper" have been activated.

6.) Database storage systems are being used locally for now but are partitioned for multi-paradigm server models now - that means you can add assets you control into your C.ORE™. The .entity code has been put into a production format including build scripts versioning. We still have to build out the testing features on the site. We have a framework in place but the tests need to be beefed up substantially - this may have to wait until Nov. 2019.

3.) The "Bizarro" web framework is active right now and you may seem some... strange things, like robots talking to each other. Do not be alarmed, they're only bots. Bizarro adds an additional on/off layer to random bot population testing. We're testing that today! We set it up to run and simulate up to 40,000 simultaneous posts at cap, but it could probably scale indefiniately. Should we test out 40,000 at once? Maybe next week. If that tests is okay on one node, we'll increase the threshold - if not, we'll lower it or refactor code. This is the start of the rolling load test and I'd be happy to show you how Bizarro on/off works.

4.) All index functions are temporarily disabled as we reroute them from a static generator of html, to a dynamix state-driven system set to launch 10/01/2019.
v.0.0.49109/18/2019Pre-Major release (MAJOR RELEASE).

1.) The stateful environment was implemented.

2.) Social features were implemeneted.

3.) A limit of 100 users was implemeneted.

4.) Everyone that requests interest before the que-cap of 100 will get C.ORE™ - how much you might ask? 10,000 Bronze, 100 Silver, and for a limited time - you will have a random chance at a Mystery Core™. What the hell is mystery core™? It's something that unlocks a generally available feature within the user-defined community. In our case, being granted a Mystery Core by the system would allow you to exchange that item for a feature - and wow, it's a good one. General Chat.

5.) Implemented the Inquisitor Ranking framework.

6.) Tested All API calls/puts for store of value and trust exchange. Anyone with a VCNKY on the main site can make calls at a rate limit set for non-paying customers of X per hour. For now, you can only access your A.) VirtualFigments...B.)C.ORE™ totals. The New Entity Framework has been adjusted to meet the needs of C.ORE™. Anyone with knowledge of Python meta-class structures, please reach out. We're playing with some one-to-many things right now that might need a second look. Battle Test Complete, but there is so much to build into each class still. Similated over 40,000 simultaneous "bizarro's" on the site to test strain - this was done locally and on a cloud server, very doable. Load test was amazing. This could scale to 40,000 concurrent actives and be okay.

6.) There will be 2 out of our initial 100 person community that will be elevated to MODS and also can help test out those features. 1 out of the 100 will become the Admin. Admins cannot receive, distrubte, or trade C.ORE™. But they can "BEAST MODE" the current mode that allows someone with a certain priv context to do anything they want besides that - all variables are controlled. That's why as a safeguard, admins don't have access to the store of value itself. They also have been limited in other scopes. This was presented as a checks and balances system by NEW ENTITY OPERATIONS™ to prevent against the famed "Rouge Admin" black-hat case-study. Essentially, the system here is designed to be tiered off into a preset "administration network" that adheres to a set of community defined principles.
v.0.0.42309/07/20191.) Finalized the New Entity Format™ for the site and will be implementing a human portal shortly - no robots... yet. This will be operating on a simple vanilla python driven system and some open source packages. Our main feature could also be implemented in C, or even Assembly. The site is self-generating at a certain level because of a testing a regeneration feature that was built by New Entity Operations™ called Inquisitor™. It's basically a very simple testing and program-process introspection system. The goal here will be to implement a strong structure - so the code is being built with that goal being thought possible. The definition of a strong community and "concept" will depend on who you ask. We like sites that run a combination of python, .entity files, and .ds files - similar to how this site operates too. They should be performant and free of junk ads. Big companies do not mean junk. Junk is junk - think about it. Crap - none of it stock here, but if you want to run it go for it. But it's not standard. The OpenPackager™ early-stage tests went well so those features will also be implemented here 09/15/2019 within the model. That means you'll be able to build into your platform with other users features they've built.

7.) Made minor interface improvements before gen-2 reskin on 10/01.
v.0.0.4109/01/20191.) Implemented a bug fix that left .entity templates displaying cached .entity files instead of the correct live template. The correct format is now displayed.

2.) Added a short and evolving overview to the release calendar. To clarify a few details based off of feedback, this is a functional product now but we're still early so if you're looking for ah-hah, you may still be 2 months out.

3. A peer review board for editorial content has been formed that will help clean up the ease of understanding the product as it grows and readability. As we get towards putting out the public branches of the different parts of the software that have been open-sourced (not all will be at first), we want to have the brand and message aligned. It may be three months before this is done.
v.0.0.408/28/20191.) Implemented the official Version 1.0.0 Environment

2.) Refactored server I/O model to account for que logic due to bottleneck.

2.) Eliminated ad-hoc patterns used in pre-alpha development.

3.) Established a basic public portal for client testing purposes.

4.) Added the "multi-party trust" model to the "RECORD" area.
v.0.0.301/24/20191.) Implemented the finalized client-model Beta and tested it on three sites, RyanMcKenna.com, VCNKEY.com, and NewEntityOperations.com. These sites will all be refactored with the updated framework by late 2019, but the important proof of concept was the linkage between all of them. Everything worked as intended, so we'll build this type of model into the system. Basically, we have to create this host hot-linking system. It's almost done, but it has to be experimented with a bit before roll out. We're looking into buying some endpoints and setting up some alternative new business lanes, such as endpoints/webhook availability.

2.) Refactored the I/O controller to simplify client to server publishing - also, we completed rewrote every class and database model to adhere to the standardization that was finalized by New Entity Operations, LLC. at the end of 2018.

3.) Limited the initial legacy-file formats excepted and that are able to be parsed. We're starting super simple, like CSV and JSON conversions only for now - but there are other formats that have been experimented with too, but not yet at scale.

4.) The New Entity Creator™ v.1 will allow for further use of .entity3d scripts now. We have 1 .entity3d script designed, set to run a standard 3D block. This format has now been finalized.
v.0.0.2111/01/20181.) Refactored the template code, dropping the design silo. This was merged into enclave. All "state storage" has been moved into the new module, gatekeeper
v.0.0.210/01/20181.) Refactored template code into three silos, design, enclave, and templates (traditional). These sections were formed into their own models and now run different micro features such as logging in, API writing/reading, and social features.

2.) Features list and road-map for 2019 prepared and finalized. Coding calendar for 2019 has been set too - programming will commence again between August 1 2019 and October 1 2019. Look for major changes during this scheduled block. Ryan will be personally coding at that time, so things should move fairly quickly ahead.
v.0.0.107/04/20181.) Framed out the initial slug and template structure for C.ORE™

2.) Finished generation 1 backend API.

3.) Entity automation structure established, official .entity and .ds formats modified from the 2015 IPDVS rough draft by New Entity Operations, LLC.

4. Added the "Inquisitor" framework by New Entity Operations™ into the .entity search model developed during pre-alpha.

Notes from the Founder: Background info and early-thoughts: unedited*

Welcome to Cognitive ORE™

1. The platform "C.ORE" is currently in Alpha and being tested by some people to see what ways the system can best be used.

2. By the end of 2019 there may be a few others involved here too. During the early-stages here, it'll be mostly me. After each version the main focus will shift further towards team, brand, and community. I'm here to get this rolling and because I've been working on it for a long time. I want to remain involved as long as I'm needed!

3. This is a company for the community to have fun with and to also make use of for their own advancement.

4. Each version, the ideas presented should be more unified, and less theoretical - for now, there will be some theory mixed with implementation. Everything will become more clear and less abstract if certain things work or don't work.

5. I want the world to have this because it's helped me so much on my personal machine for so many years both in learning about the computer and being able to think about personal data in a new way too. The exact structure besides certain parts are a work in progress. A very well documented and detailed process remains from all the trails, that's something I hope to look back on one day to realize how much things really took off once PEOPLE became more involved.

6. As a concept, it's been enlightening in a way to see the computer as an extension to your own indexing abilities, and now with voice control getting more accessible for programmers, there are a lot of options over the years to come. Once I put some software to the idea and wrote out many of the rules for this a few years back, it started really making me get up each day. Over the years I chipped away at this, but it still needs more work. It's great to have some updates planned and I'm hoping that type of momentum continues on!!!!

7. Outside of say... the standard search functions/features on your current OS, whatever it may be, many people never really think about how much time they waste looking for their old stuff/data both online and on their own devices until you sit them down and ask them about it. That's what I've found - that if you really get down to it, we're spending a lot of time and energy being bogged down in digital "stuff".

8. This is one attempt in the consumer segment to address the last point. In the enterprise world - there is something entirely new we're doing that could end up shaping our company DNA long term. If those enterprise ideas take hold it may be a little less of a consumer facing platform - as much as say a system designated as a resource/utility/tool.

9. This needs to be built with a set of values that people identify with needing in a product that interfaces with their personal data. That's why whenever a part of our software stack directly interfaces with your DATA on your MACHINE, we'll never touch it with something that hasn't been vetted by the open source community. Any index we provide here will not be open source at first, but that may change depending on what makes the most sense over the years.

10. The values I have are not the values of everyone, but there will have to be values that we agree on as a community. The first I'll offer, the only one, transparency when it comes to the product.

11. When we discuss a few things as a community, a little of the best of what everyone offered to the discussion will get implemented. I'm doing my best to get this out there as fast as I can but if it's meant to grow, controls were needed from the start. The controls started with my own ability to understand the product from a technical perspective, through an extensive dive into both Python and C. For now, to make this useful, I want to focus on gradually building in the best features. After the alpha, I'll remove my face from this almost entirely. Also, after we hit any sort of beta/public launch and or any more employees, this will be all about helping people declutter their digital blueprints and get back to a place of "clear" and active thinking. Now, I'm the only one driving the project, but some may even join soon. It's important for me to stay actively tied in to the creation cycle for now. This will give the product the best chance at making it into the market long term.

12. An older secured branch is available on RyanMcKenna.com. If you want a username and password I would be happy to create one for you and email you the credentials. Disclaimer - I only want people on my personal server/site if we're talking about current opportunities of substance or we work together. Also, if you have a password, you can use 1 installation of an earlier C.ORE™ implementation even though the HTML in that version is still really early too, obviously. This is because the focus has been more on form for now - the interface itself just went over the CLI/Middle-layer that's running on my personal site recently actually. RyanMcKenna.com also has some deep-dive technical notes/archives of mine on over 40 technical topics all hand crafted and vetted for accuracy and correctness and tested in a terminal - everything from system maintence to working with over 5 popular programming languages. Managing digital stuff is a pain in the ass, but I have the tools to help people do it and now I want to make the ultimate product to help that happen - Cognitive ORE™.

13. A few early-stage discovery meetings are taking place to see how the software can be used in various industries. So far, "thought experiments" have been done in 6 different industries with positive results.

14. There are multiple parts to Cognitive ORE™ that comprise the full software product here - it could be called a software collection but it seems better as just 1 package eventually. I would like to wake up in an ideal world and update the nerdy stuff with pacman -S cognitiveore, and go to the website for the GUI. I may try it soon with a test build/demo package. Maybe I'll throw one in the AUR soon.

15. Sometimes I don't get why so many branches happen for system packages in linux, but I also kind of get it too because of what happens with open source stuff in general. It tends to start to fragement sometimes because packages that the software needs to operate change. This can cause problems. I don't want them, so this project is pretty slim. The dependency graph is stable. Usually once a package has changed names too many times I'm done with it. I like stable brands, open source or not and that's the goal here too. This will just be a package named Cogtnive ORE™.

16. My system is not that complicated as a mental model like many other systems trying to do things like what we can do at this point. What we're doing is different and presents a few new ideas... as an entire platform, it'll be interesting to see if people think it works for something I haven't thought of yet. When I put a lot of my content on the platform, people will see how it can be used.

17. After the implementation of the idea with a mixture of C and Python 3, it's probably better to get some smart programmers in too before it goes too much further. The new ideas presented for general machine configuration, another thing we've already set up for everyone to maximize the goal of helping you easily find things from the past. This has to work. It doesn't just need to work in linux. It needs to run in any system that can run python. So yes, this will be for Linux, Windows, and Mac each release. We are also eliminating the apps known today as "apps". That format is a joke, and I have something better planned. Luckily, I'm able to package the initial build for all the major platforms as of today. To service them is a different story, as we will mainly implement in a Security-Enchanced Linux format. We'll see what happens, but this most likely won't change.

18. We'll end up needing smart folks to help audit, manage features, optimize, and test. It isn't required today, but soon - very soon. Again, we want to help with indexing needs and present the design for a new system to do cool stuff with. What comes with that? We'll see, but I do have a few ideas. We needed the right system to build it out with first and it took longer than expected really. At this time, our only objective with this is helping you store your stuff more intelligently with C.ORE™ or getting rid of it forever too if it's no longer needed. These types of decisions impact various industries differently too - such as media focused organizations or even something as common as a personal computer user.

19. The branch running here is a few stages behind the private version - but I mash them together sometimes and make changes. building software this way may not be the typical thing to do, but it's the only way that really gets bigger picture projects off the ground and rolling without the toxic code-sharing culture curently invading social-coding websites. Versions, releases, purpose for now. Eventually I hope someone else can help manage these types of choices with me. It's a lot to manage. For now, I'm here to help. I will continue to be here until the community determines the system no longer needs me to run correctly.

20. Wouldn't it be cool to build a community too? If there was a way to make that - I would. A community here would have merit, but not exist here in the general sense. There would be software to faciliate that community, and the community would have to exist off of our main portal. There are ways to do it, and ways to try to do it. Still unsure if it makes more sense to go for something tried and true, or something fun/different.

21. Decentralized networks are missing something still. Crediblity. In my mind it's because the form is still slightly off. We'll try to adjust it and help you see the way.

22. It's sort of a hard concept to explain because of the jargon. It actually would have to be shown. I'll have to build the early version out to show the concept I had in mind or no one will care. This is how it's been. Over the years, many people have demanded visual proof of things, as they should. And they'll get it in a big way soon.

23. I'm not building or doing anything in spite of anyone, but you always remember who tells you certain things about not being able to do something. I have a list of 400 examples from over the years. Why? Because I like to learn from them and not repeat past mistakes. Every entrepreneur has a list of many people who has said something insulting to them about their lifes work. Yeah, who cares? Use it as fuel for you. My thousands of person list of that-type of thing is qualified down to only 2 people in my life that actually ever did something bad to me in business. Meaning, for every insult it's another way to grow. You'll have to talk to thousands of people before one does something needle moving. If someone has moved the needle against me, it's okay. If they move the it against the organization, I'm here to fight for you and defend this. I'll try to keep this about business, not my own personal life. When "they" say no or it's not possible, it's fuel. If you're facing that now with a probject - view it that way. Make it make you hungry to grow beyond the need to hurt over anything said, because what's said passes. I hope to one day make my life about actions AND what is said. Because in the end, what is said always matters.

24. Almost everything builds out slowly. I've tried to make this hypothesis based and iterate from each adjustment. That's how most things are, and that's okay! Really, there are several concepts for the community - but the community is not the exact purpose for now, your own life is the purpose. I know a lot of people try to make community by making a forum. That's lame for a site built around finding your stuff fast. It would need to be an equally cool social conecpt to ever end up here. It hasn't been a top choice for time-sink. Form has taken much longer. Only some features currently reside here. Some of these features have already become common place in the more advanced builds. Meaning, by using this product and helping - you understand that this thing is "early" and always being updated. Occasionally in alpha, I'll make live updates too. Random builds are going to be advised against after version v.0.0.7. We'll have an automated deployment and testing implementation at that time and everything regarding managing this site will be entirely automated. As an insider, we would like to show you more about the vision we have for what cognitive enhancement software is today and where it will be in the future. This will take a community of feedback to get perfect, or a really good first effort on my part. It takes times. The goal for now is to not publish too many features, period.

25. If you build code - real code - I may give you access to dev or mod pages to help with automation features. CognitiveOre.com indexes any information vector published within the system according to the defined "public standard", and for now this isn't complicated, but it could become more complicated so I would like to conduct some additional throught experiements there too. To get it right. The pages have been helpful as I defined the standard and by tearing deep into the machine on the command line. Getting this thing working in bad-tier mode would have been easy but painfully bad. If someone tried to do this website in a standard CMS it would be a wreck. This needs to hum and do something useful, making the needs two-fold. This type of thing working properly was a long shot a few years ago, but now that I worked through it all - working as intended. Maybe better than intended.

26. My personal site does run 1 information dispatch vector (idv) on the publishing system that ends up here. This is an early and experimental API feature so it's not released yet. It's planned for 11/01. That was one of the original use cases of C.ORE™ - pictures for a personal website, with the right API call/puts system. Sure, there are other systems out there trying similar things. If you would like to use them, go for it. If you would like to use the best one in the world, you'll have to get it here, then.

27. The "new" .entity template file will be discussed more later too. The default .entity code keeps most data-types private by default. Any registered user can access certain private types and publish with that format in mind. Public types are meant for public-indexing, but the scope of the those types are pre-defined.

Right now, Everyday is a Hackathon. - Management