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These are the standardized website, web portal, web resource, web enclave, web enpoint, webhook or public "node" rules established by the V2GM "VERSION 2 GATE MASTER" STANDARD developed by NEW ENTITY OPERATIONS. This was developed as part of the "WEBSITE RULES AND OPEN-FORUM REGULATIONS 1.0" guidelines document that recommends certain baseline security and forum moderation policies be put in place, mainly surrounding modular and able to moderated communities, in addition to the mechanical or programmatic tools to govern that type of community. This site, to the best of our abilty will comply with that standard. Https everywhere, security enhanced OS by default, and hosting/dns/payment partners that are industry leaders only.

Terms of Use

This is an early version of the "current Cognitive ORE™ index." or "masterindex" displaying all public information automatically or manually submitted to the IPDVS™ (INTERNAL PROCESSING DEPLOYMENT AND VETTING SYSTEM™), and the resulting functionality made possible by the C.ORE™ platform. Cognitive ORE, Inc. reserves the IP rights in any individually crafted software defined modules present on this site created from scratch by the team - to facilitate unique process. In certain cases, we'll own the overall collection of software derived from past packages being bundled and modified too, but potentially only the copyright of that collection. This doesn't mean we own other peoples code. When it gets there, we'll produce an overview of packages bundled if that's the route chosen. There are connected libraries bundled but not directly linked. This code has been made available through either MIT or BSD licenses only. These licenses may include their own processes or patents that we do not represent outside of the grant provided by them, through their own terms. We do not represent their process or product in this capacity.

Some of our early endpoints may include open-source software and some related ecosystem counterparts too. If it's open source, we didn't build that but may have added to it or modified the program in some way. That includes a large collection of the stock packages bundled with debian for GNU/Linux. Again - we didn't create those packages. Check out the machine-readable debian copyright format info here As for our forward facing stuff - We're using nginx and some other python-specific packages. We are grateful for python and the many community members contributing standard features and related libraries. You can always see more about the project and learn it yourself too here python.org.

Although not entirely PEP-8 compliant, the code here runs with syntax and consistancy in mind. If you would like to learn more about writing according to the standard format in python, please visit the site PEP-8. Consistency will eventually be paramount here. We'll check descriptive text over and over again until it's consistent. That'll be easier with more team members soon. Right now, this is like a public rough draft. Please remember that as we publish updates.

We're working on the best way to be transparent and poll feedback about build and system, but we'll mostly be making the decisions here ourselves at first. Overtime, we'll be more interested in feedback about improving the full-system.

We're always open to feedback here, but we will never tolerate abuse or insinuations stating anything false or misleading about our product or enterpise. Generally, we expect you to operate peacefully with the community.The exact guidelines will be presented soon.

If you're interested, we would enjoy talking to you more about the code running here, but please refrain from speculating or inferring we're running one piece of software or another unless we've said so here. That's because these things are changing daily and still subject to change. A lot of the concepts themselves are set. So everyone here is clear, each day, we're working on getting the software collection more unified and that will require changes and cutting of Alpha packages. The stuff we're really excited to bring online is coming 10/01 - and until that happens, please view this site as an early proof of concept.

None of the demos or early working versions of the site should be thought of as having been co-authored or co-licensed to any party involved, or moving forward if those relationships haven't been explicitly defined in a legal contract. We do not make verbal contracts regarding this site. You're not formally involved in this project if you haven't entered into an agreement with Cognitive ORE Inc. directly. This agreement is only valid with the direct signature of the companies Chief Executive Officer.

We want feedback, but this doesn't equal involvement. If you've provided it, that information should be thought of as being public.

Also, if you haven't signed anything or formalized agreements with us, you do not work on this project. That being said, we're looking to get more people involved formally at this time.

We will comply with takedown requests only for the master copy of a .entity file hosted here, but we only host pre-vetted content here directly anyway, meaning that the chances of that content being against policy are extemely low.

In the case of a copyright holder filing a takedown notice, we may be forced to cut off direct access to a .ds file hosted elsewhere too and log the activity, but we will never be the one directly responsible for the hosting parties take down of the content itself too. If it's featured here we will take responsiblity for it. We also log no links or ip addresses outside of normal system usage here, only. This is done so at a compliant and NORMAL level. We don't really want anyones data at all ultimately - and really, we shouldn't want other people to have it either so we don't partner with other data providers, besides our hosting provider Azure, the DNS provider digital ocean, our payment provider stripe, and some integrated website endpoints in places like cloudflare. We're doing our best to make sure you always have control over what you share. This will be one try at a form fix with that in mind, but there are practical elements of logging that will need to be followed to make sure the systems will run okay and not be harmed overtime.

We always will do whatever necessary to protect any malicious use of community introduced and sold common-assets too. If we sell your assets here, we may help you enforce copyright violations elsewhere depending on the claim. The rules for this will be established soon.

We established most of these rules and guidelines to the best of our abilities after reading a formal document about formal recommendations and reasoning behind each one, as produced by New Entity Operations, LLC.

That being said - for technical stuff, there was no roadmap to look towards. So things are more experimental in nature.

If you notice a bug in anything with any asset type here that we've made available, or if you're seeing broken features or even links- email us directly : PUBLIC RELAY.

We will only honor legitimate takedown requests for things hosted here that are based on legal merit or problem points which don't matter at this time because we only allow super admins and admins to post anything. This may change soon. We will address that in greater detail when general users have the ability to socialize openly. For now, this system will be a baseline C.ORE™ distributor and record keeper. In summary, if it's a credible complaint, flag it, Credible Complaint: in the preface and it'll auto send to our support line.

Since Cognitive ORE Inc. only maintains the index of information submitted to the public IPDVS™ operating system and the VCNKEY™ slug holder records, The site will sometimes be subject to change immediately for any reason at all or for a specific purpose defined by anyone in charge of moderating the site. Owners may also, at any time, rearrange the look and feel of this site to better meet the objectives of the product, to save you time. To help you find things. To keep records. We will do our best to keep the masterindex and your C.ORE™ levels - always. The goal will be to keep things productive, safe, and as compliant as is reasonable under local/national laws but to also create a unique entertainment possibility/experience. We won't make rules to keep people's behavior "monitored" but if you're an idiot in a broad and obvious sense, you'll be banned! That's your only warning.

All "ORE" issued so far is useless, but it will be stored officially on the masterledger for now. Eventually, this ORE™ will take on value, so it is wise to protect it and keep as much as possible safe until the official value system goes into place during update 1.1.1, scheduled for November 2019.

Cognitive ORE™ and C.ORE™ are trademarks of Cognitive ORE Inc. and they're not to be used in the marketing or comarketing of any additional products without permission of the businesses President. A PO Box will be set up for inbound mail by the end of 2019. For now, you can reach us through our agent or directly through email/phone. We do not officially endorse anything on this site that we don't put out ourselves. Also, no one using this site will be allowed to claim that we are endorsing their product, service, activity, or ideas just because they're posted on the INDEX, LEDGER, RECORD, or ORE™ archive. This site is meant to function as a SAAS UTILITY and social service built on Azure. The function of the sites utilities will be social too, but not as most would think of or remember as being "social". Certain rules will exist to govern that community of social interactions with the intent of being as hands off as possible, but there needs to be constructive dialogue. Basically - no rude interjections, flagrant violations, or mean under/overtones. There will be warnings or in other cases, bans. Focusing on keeping all human and machine users safe and able to maximize the benefits realized from the product is the founding teams ONLY mission. If we aren't doing a good job at this. Please, tell us. This is awesome on the command line - we are working so hard to get it into an environment and put a business model to it - Free, tiered possibly - or just free. This may change and should be thought of as being to be determined! This is an Alpha Product.

Our mission will always be to make the best product we can here as long as we have the energy to keep it going or an official post Alpha user group going that can support this if it were to be fully open-sourced and the authorithy of it decentralized into maintainers. We'll see what happens. The best thing ever... would be this, we help you save time storing and rediscovering data. We want you to make most of the other decisions about how to form this correctly using our .entity to .ds scoping tools. Cleaning up digital junk, getting your infomation into actionable groups is a mission of this site, so any other mission isn't officially endorsed by us. Anything outside of that isn't really where the product is either, so if you want something else for now, look elsewhere.

For these reasons, while we're small, keep it chill here as we work through the big stuff and you can stay. If you cause any destruction on purpose, depending on what it is, we may take legal action against you and deny future services.

Once the multi-party system goes live on September 1st 2019, all ORE™ and records will become public record to maintain audits for asset ownership, locations and records of information, and other stores of unique event-driven records that are required to keep the system totally transparent and keeping the records you need. Remember, there is a private feature, but the interaction will still end up on the ledger if it involves a transfer of ORE™, stripped of the privacy details desribed in the premium posting service description coming soon. Yes, vague and early, but this will be will written soon so hold tight as we work it all out.

Cognitive ORE Inc. corporate headquarters location

Cognitive ORE Inc.
555 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94104


The following logo is an original "alpha logo" created in vector format to conform to the Open Logo Standard™ developed by New Entity Operations, LLC.

You may not use this logo without written permission from the CEO of Cognitive ORE Inc.

This is a low DPI logo. A high resolution logo is available upon request.

Cognitive ORE

Summary of terms

We have the right to ban you at any time. This is a California corporation and we will be governed by the laws of the land here, including honoring the removal of personally indentifying information when needed, and not allowing hate speach or threats by default. The system really was built to avoid needing any of your information anyway, so post that kind of detail publicly at your own will. The more you share, the more you put yourself on the line in our opinion - in a lot of peoples opinion besides ours too. User names don't really matter here either, besides in vanity. There are no crossover vanity urls, so two users named "Tom" might be different. Remember that, and only verify someone is who they are through auditing their transaction history and public connections.

If you treat C.ORE™ like a business, it'll provide a fast way to track and audit a variety of knowledge based tasks that are completely customizable, remember this is just the ledger - the stuff you're able to do without posting to the ledger on your own machine are even more broad, but generally it's always a good idea to audit who you connect and share with online. Say if you make a photo of yours pulic, or limited to a small group of peers in C.ORE™ - it's still important to read out privacy policy to understand why you wouldn't want to post certain things here and so on. This is a place to store new information, access past information quickly, and eliminate single system depedence by taking advantage of the IPDVS™ operating system and the C.ORE™ platform.

Please contact our Operator with questions